28.11.2020, The possessed Gaze – a video call performance, Dance of Disorder Online Symposium HFBK Hamburg, DE

We mirror, externalise, divide, lose ourselves. The leftovers are not considered human anymore. We call them data and feed them into frameworks we call machines or algorithms. But we cannot forget these remnants all together. Remorsefully we start to anthropomorphize their new shells. Suddenly we live among aliens we created but actually we are only looking at amputated parts of ourselves. Are you looking at me? Mark is possessed by Algorithma. They look through his eyes at everyone else. The stars watch from above, streaming ethereal power, acting upon their destiny.

With guest appearances by the singer Angela Postweiler and students of HfBK Hamburg. The Dance of Disorder Online Symposium was curated by Annika Larsson & Isabel Gatzke.

The possessed Gaze, © Jasmin Schädler © Jasmin Schädler


20.& 21.11.2020, Sketched Fields, Kunstraum 34 & Radio Rampe, Stuttgart, DE

For this show the car was approached as sound body, means of transportation and symbol for projections. A modified car was parked at various locations in public space in order to inscribe itself in the history of urban space, exposed to random observers. Apart from the installation a radio play was created: Lava und Düsen (Lava and Nozzles), broadcast on November 21 via Radio Rampe. The play deals directly with the human connection and attachment to the sound of cars.

A project by Perspektivenbox (Ui-Kyung Lee&Julian Siffert), Helen Weber and Jasmin Schädler.

Lava und Düsen, © Perspektivenbox, Weber & Schädler © Perspektivenbox, Weber & Schädler


07.-10.11.2020, vom Aufgang der Sonne, Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart, DE

We locate ourselves in the so-called West and at the same time in the center of most map views of the world. According to Hegel, not only does the sun set here, “Europe is par excellence the end of world history” (Lectures on the Philosophy of World History, 1837). Hegel, who is still a point of reference for a variety of philosophical approaches today, not only left a lasting mark on this perspective, but also stereotyped it. “vom Aufgang der Sonne” interrogates this localization and invites to hear other voices. n.n.n. collective questions in their work both the philosopher and his reception especially in the context of the Haitian Revolution, as well as through the practice of cartography. For the latter, they collaborate with Sasha Engelmann and Sophie Dyer’s open-weather project, among others. An accompanying publication will be released in spring 2021, designed by HuM Collective.

A project by n.n.n. collective (Julia Schäfer & Susanne Brendel and Jasmin Schädler) and InterAKT Initiative e.V. i.a.


Funded by the City of Stuttgart and by the State Ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg for Sciences, Research and Arts. Supported by LBBW-Foundation and Kunstverein Wagenhalle.


Due to COVID19 the exhibition was only partially accessible through Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_____n.n.n.____/

vom Aufgang der Sonne, © n.n.n. *collective* © n.n.n. collective


vom Aufgang der Sonne, © n.n.n. *collective* © n.n.n. collective


20.-22.08.2020, Kunst auf Rädern, Stuttgart and surrounding areas, DE

Nine mobile concerts and performances in three days. Text meets Neue Musik in the periphery of Stuttgart.

A project by InterAKT Initiative e.V., funded through Kultur Sommer 2020, State Ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg for Sciences, Research and Arts.

Kunst auf Rädern, © Inga Ruxton © Inga Ruxton


14.08.2020, […] und der Geruch, 19:00 at Galerie KUB, Leipzig, DE

Showing of flausen research residency on the topic of smell as a performative tool. A speculative journey for an offline and online audience on the descriptive power of smell and narratives of smell.

A project by die apokalyptische tänzerin*nen and Charlotte Eifler.

Ambra, © die apokalyptische tänzerin\*nen & Charlotte Eifler © die apokalyptische tänzerin*nen & Charlotte Eifler


21.-26.07.2020, City.Space.Movement, Die irriterte Stadt Festival Stuttgart, DE

Together with a group of local participants the artists Bongile G. Lecoge-Zulu and Jasmin Schädler investigate the different perceptions of access to the common public space and the associated boundaries in the everyday meanders of Stuttgart and Johannesburg. To the Publication –>

City.Space.Movement, © Bongile Lecoge-Zulu & Jasmin Schädler © Bongile Lecoge-Zulu & Jasmin Schädler


01.07.2020, [Patient W0yz3ck 2.0], Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, DE

George Büchner’s unfinished play “Woyzeck” narrates the story of a naive and simple man unable to find his place in a scrupulous society. Others perceive him as a simple tool deprived of any personhood/humanness. Especially his relationship with the doctor is peculiar. The latter is using Woyzeck for an experiment to find out the impact of an exclusively peas based diet and asserts the claims to his pee. In our video project “Patient W0yz3ck 2.0” the dialogue between the doctor and Woyzeck is reimagined together with the Replika AI chatbot. The estranged anthropomorphization of so called artificial intelligence systems, especially NLP, is continuously feeding into misconceptions in the broader debates on automation. It not only fosters false expectations and misplaced trust and mistrust but also brutalizes interactions based on the assumption the counterpart is not human. The danger of also brutalizing interactions beyond this setup is lurking. Especially when one considers the reality of AI labor, where ghost laborers are the driving force behind technologies that are sold as human independent, where actually they are turning humans into machines. Just as much as they are not human independent, they are not free of ideologies, they are ideologies. The doctor who makes Woyzeck his specimen is the prize exhibit of a researcher hiding his politics under the disguise of objective research.

A project by Bethany Crawford and Jasmin Schädler.

In cooperation with Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg.

Patient W0yz3ck 2.0, © Bethany Crawford & Jasmin Schädler © Bethany Crawford & Jasmin Schädler


14.05.2020, Mit Haiti an der Hegel-Bar, Zoom Symposium, DE

The event was moved from the original venue, the bar Rakete at Theater Rampe to virtual bars due to pandemic. Hegel’s 250th birthday is not only an occasion to reflect on the achievements of continental philosophy, but also an important chance to give a platform to voices that were suppressed by European Enlightenment. Misanthropic categorizations established by the Enlightenment are still reproduced today in the uncritical reading of the philosophy of the period and the lack of interrogation of historiography. Together with the guests of the symposium, the audience is invited to interrogate these discourses and to highlight other perspectives following the example of the Haitian Revolution.


Dr. Jeanette Ehrmann (Political Theory and History of Political Thought)

Dr. des. Vanessa Eileen Thompson (Black Studies, Critical Research on Racism und Postkolonial-Feminist Theory)

Matti Traußneck (Inequality and Commemorative Culture)


The symposium can still be accessed online: www.mithaitianderhegelbar.de


A project by n.n.n. collective (Julia Schäfer & Susanne Brendel and Jasmin Schädler) and InterAKT Initiative e.V.


In cooperation with Theater Rampe.

Funded by the City of Stuttgart and by the State Ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg for Sciences, Research and Arts. Supported by LBBW-Foundation and Kunstverein Wagenhalle.

Mit Haiti an der Hegel-Bar, © n.n.n. *collective* © n.n.n. collective

11.-13.04.2020, hands on aids, Club Lehmann, Stuttgart, DE

hands on aids is a hybrid between party, concert, immersive theater performance and installation. In addition to the topic of HIV and AIDS prevention, Frisch & Schick deal with the history of the disease and its impact on the psyche within society since its discovery.

A project by Frisch & Schick (Johannes Frick and Jasmin Schädler) and InterAKT Initiative e.V.. With Sebastiano Sing & Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Karimael Buledi, Helena Dadoku and Jonas Wienberg.


In collaboration with AIDS Hilfe Stuttgart e.V. Funded by the City of Stuttgart and 6 Tage Frei Festival. Supported by LBBW-Foundation.


Due to COVID19 the performance had to be postponed to 2021. It is planned to premiere during 6 Tage frei Festival on April 12, 2021.

hands on aids, © Frisch & Schick © Frisch & Schick


09.-19.01.2020, Banana Island & Prolog Banana Island, sch wa nkh al le i.a., Bremen, DE

Banana Island is a choreographic and performative investigation of the banana. As one of the most important and popular foods in the world, protagonist of colonial and neo-colonial crimes and racist and sexist attributions, and at the same time film star, comedian, art and political weapon, the banana is the bracket and center of the performance. As we slowly begin to peel, we expose the tension between pop culture and tyranny. We interrogate the glamorous appearance of the banana and contextualize the opposites united in it.
The performance was acompanied by a week long programm including discussions, films, workshops and walks.
The full programm can be found here: Banana Island Prolog

A project by die apokalyptische tänzerin*nen and Produktionsbüro schæfer&sœhne.


In cooperation with sch wa nkh al le, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Bremen, decolonize Bremen, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Bremen, Together We Are Bremen, Kukoon, Hotspot of Power, Engagement Global.

Funded by the City of Stuttgart, the Senate for Culture of the City of Bremen and Freischwimmen Netzwerk.

Banana Island, © Julia Schäfer © Julia Schäfer