04.-19.08.2023, Brandspuren, Theaternatur Festival, Benneckenstein Oberharz am Brocken, DE

You’re standing in front of the fire station with your headphones on. People are all around you. The voice in your ear guides you further. The group starts moving, you in the middle of it. Where will the traces lead you?

The performative walk Brandspuren invites you on a journey into an alternative present, ranging from staged exceptional situations to dreamlike elements to an imagined future. In the process, a random community emerges that walks in the traces of fire and learns at least as much about human beings in the process.


Produced by THEATERNATUR Festival for performing arts.

© Franziska Hirschelmann © Franziska Hirschelmann


19.&20.07.2023, Vox Ex Nihilo, InterAKT Initiative, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, DE

“Vox ex nihilo”* (*voice from nowhere) is an inclusive music, theatre and dance performance that questions the meaning of the voice from social, political and cultural perspectives and aims to make many different voices heard. It addresses the changes that the pandemic has had on social and cultural behaviour, particularly the limitations of the voice in a hearing society through the inevitable wearing of masks. The performance explores the political potential of the voice and relates to the protests in Belarus and the Russian-Ukrainian war. In collaboration with deaf performer Sabine Scherbel, it questions whether we can perceive and understand each other by making ourselves vulnerable. The performance creates a space for voice and silence and encourages a dialogue between different forms of communication to develop a better understanding of their meaning and possibilities. It is performed in German Sign Language and German Spoaken Language simultaneously.

In cooperation with Sommer in Stuttgart, Produktionszentrum Tanz- und Theater, Musik der Jahrhunderte and Akademie Schloss Solitude. Funded by the City of Stuttgart, the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg, Wüstenrot Stiftung and GLS Treuhand.

Vox Ex Nihilo © Oliver Röckle © Oliver Röckle


22.05.2023, Gefährliche Körper, FAKI Festival, Zagreb, HR

The duo Frisch&Schick (Johannes Frick & Jasmin Schädler) presents the work Harmful Bodies - a promiscuous concert performance in cooperation with designer Aziz Rebar, media artist Timo Kleinemeier as well as make-up by Luna Legend. Harm emanates from our bodies, an awareness that has finally emerged in the last year. The artists devote themselves to love and promiscuity with emphasis on the physical harm. Since the discovery of the HI-Virus, this subject has been undergoing a social overhaul. From the fear of a death sentence at the time to today’s classification of a chronic illness, the team encounters the history of a virus that knows no morals, but which has been and continues to be confronted in a moralizing and stigmatizing manner. The audience is invited to a performative and musical journey that assumes different perspectives and aesthetic forms.

As part of the festival, an excerpt from the video work from 2021 was screened.

© Timo Kleinemeier © Timo Kleinemeier


01.03-30.04.2023, Feuer und Flamme, #TakeHeart Residenz, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, DE

„Feuer und Flamme“ ist eine performative Recherche zum Thema Feuer sowie zu Bewegungen und Narrativen, die im direkten Zusammenhang dazu stehen. Feuer prägt die Menschheit seit jeher und die Menschheit prägt die Welt durch Feuer. Feuer ist ein Mittel der Emanzipation, der Macht, der Vernichtung und des Neuanfangs, dessen performatives Potenzial durch die Gruppe CyCy freigelegt werden soll.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

© Jasmin Schädler © Jasmin Schädler